About Berenatos Deli

Joe and Sharon

Joe and I had worked in local delis in Camden, New Jersey as teenagers and we always talked about one day buying a store of our own. When all three of our children graduated from high school in Washington Township, we decided it was time to look for that perfect store to buy. The first place we looked was in Ocean City, because we both had always wanted to live here after vacationing in Wildwood for many summers with our children. We spent several months looking at different properties and locations. When we found this property listed we knew it was the one. Both the neighborhood and the store itself reminded us of the “Mom and Pop” stores that Joe and I grew up by. So, in 1989 we finally moved to Ocean City opening up our store that summer while living upstairs.

The 2023 season is our 35th year of business. Our store is a family run business. We have our children and grandchildren working here with us. We enjoy seeing familiar faces come back to visit and new faces come into our store every summer. It is such a great thing to watch children we have watched grow up and now come into the store and bring their families in to meet us and tell us our store is part of their memories of their vacation and want their children to meet us. We enjoy getting to know our customers and greeting them by name, just as our customer have told us they have enjoyed watching our grandchildren grow up and now see them helping to run the store.

I say it often, but can't say it enough



The deli is open for the entire summer season. We carry all Dietz & Watson meat and cheese products behind the deli. Throughout the store we try to carry a little bit of everything including toiletries, frozen foods, dairy products, candy, snacks, canned goods, condiments, cleaning supplies, and fresh produce. Every morning we get fresh rolls, donuts, bagels, and bread delivered from Liscio’s Bakery. We have been told our 19 inch whole hoagies are the best on the island!

The Berenato Gang values your business and we are committed to constantly providing our customers with good food, friendly service, and a clean store.

Written by Sharon Berenato (owner of Berenato's Corner Deli)

Three Generations of the Berenato Family Serving You
A light breakfast leaves room for our favorite lunch spot. The Evans' Family certainly invests in Berenatos' Deli, 1st & Atlantic. When it comes to sandwiches in OC, they can't be beat. One of the main reasons is their fresh, ideal rolls...like the box says from their source, "It starts with the bread." Whether you prefer an italian or turkey hoagie or a cheese steak--you can't go wrong. Our favorites include the bbq chicken cheese steak or buffalo chicken cheese steak (with hot or sweet peppers). Depending on your appetite, a full can feed 2-4 people. If we are not in a rush to hit the beach, we love eating out under their awning.Evans Eats: Lehigh Valley & Beyond, August 5, 2012
Always been a huge fan of this place. It's family owned and the team clearly takes pride in the business. The hoagies are quality, same with the breakfast sandwiches.K Bull