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Monday, August 22, 2011

Interim Intermediate School Principal

The Ocean City Board of Education hired 61 year old, Ocean City resident, William Boyle, as the interim principal for the intermediate school. He has experience in the Cape May County, and State Dept of Special Education and also served as the director of special services for Ocean City school. He will serve until Jan 3 at a salary of $350 per day. If he got paid for every calender day of the year, he would make about $54,000.

If he only gets paid for days when school is in session, then he would only make about $38,500.

In either case he comes pretty cheap, if you consider that the average teacher in Ocean City makes about $550 per day.

Posted by Vic Staniec at 2:01 PM

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Keith Hartzel, John Flood and John Kemenosh need to hear from you.

The [salary cap increase] plan offered by the Mayor never got support from Council, so it stopped in it's tracks. No public comment was able to be heard on the issue at the Council meeting on August 11, 2011. Instead, Keith Hartzel suggested he'd still like to do something. The three have been appointed to come up with another suggestion or plan as it relates to Department Head salaries.

A very clear comment appeared following the August 11th OceanCityPatch article...it is copied below:

"I cannot understand why Councilman Hartzell would ask for a committee to discuss raises for department heads after no second was made to discuss salary caps. With many taxpayers out of work and/or living on fixed incomes why would this even be considered necessary. All of our employees make a very good living and should understand there is no bottomless pocket. I think it's time for department heads to set an example to employees so that when their contracts come up they won't expect a raise to keep up with department heads."

Well said! Let them hear us!

Posted by Julie Baumgardner at 1:26 PM

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Councilman Flood at FIT monthly meeting

On Friday, August 5, 2011 the guest speaker at the FIT monthly meeting was 3rd Ward Councilman, John Flood. He gave his perspective of the 'value' of Ocean City. Providing insightful charts on headcount, the budget, which has increased 177% between 1985 and 2010, 24 million to 68 million. According to the presentation, ratables increased 288% in the same period, 3.3 billion to 12.8 billion. There were considerable questions and Councilman Flood was amenable to each of them. We thank him for his time and we thank those who came out and asked challenging questions.